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Tears for the Dying

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6/25/12 07:34 pm - pkbarbiedoll - Newly found footage from an old show

8/27/09 09:33 am - pkbarbiedoll - Haven't done this in a while....

it's a little rusty but here ya are:

1/25/07 08:26 am - pkbarbiedoll - Not sure if I ever posted this

We have t-shirts available here: http://www.cafepress.com/tftd.

They are marked at cost for us, so we make nothing on them. 

12/22/06 08:15 am - pkbarbiedoll - GO DIE

12/22/06 12:31 am - pkbarbiedoll - Merry Fucking X mas



5/20/06 11:12 pm - pkbarbiedoll - A new demo

ok so it's not so new.. it's actually very old. anyway.. enjoy.
Tears for the Dying - 2006-05-21 demo - Femme Fatale.mp3

4/3/06 12:31 am - pkbarbiedoll - T-shirts for sale


Choose from black on white, white on black, and black on green - no markup, we're selling at cost. 

3/31/06 06:28 pm - fallen_ev - Rozz Williams 1334 odes for Sat

Heres my ode to Rozz Williams 1334~Christina Death 1334 of Chicago

Roger Allan Painter 1963-1998

"Written with truth and solemness"

In the Darkest Corners of our minds,
we stand solemn and true...
With deathrock wishes and kisses and the darkes
deadly memories of Rozz...

"We stand and we stand like whores"
"We are alone"... and in our "blue hour",
We drown, in solutions, holding onto
truths and unknowns...

For the year is "1334" and our master calls to us
and in sweet slumber, we rise to all his occasions.
Carry us away and in your glory and only your glory
will we know such great "art",
that shines above the rest...

Ah Yes, the history will never be repeated...but your
defination "deathrock" will serve and conquer over all
the rest...

For he will teach the children well,
and in your name, all will know
just how exquisite you were


You hold that number "1334"
in your bloody hands...
and cry out the release of you "art"

ms. hell 1334

3/29/06 04:57 am - fallen_ev - Blood and Gasoline dedication

Michelle from http://www.bloodandgasoline.co.uk has her interview she did with Jyrki 69 and I (Christina Death 1334 of Chicago) are credited and given a dedication once again... I am beyond words...read the rest of the interview it rules...

for now heres the dedication...

I am beyond honoured!!!

Are Gothic Girl, Little Miss Spookiness and Christina Death based on real people, or just a generalized view of Gothic people?

I think they are a little bit of different ages, Little Miss Spookiness cold be like fifteen or something, and Gothic Girl a little bit older, maybe like eighteen or something. And Christina Death is at least my age or a little older. That is one of the songs the American audience really likes, and its really thrilling to play it here in California, as it mentions the Hollywood Book of the Dead, and I was thinking of the California Goth Scene in this song.

Actually, In Chicago I met a Christina Death lady, and she gave me pictures of her and Rozz Williams and Peter Murphy. It was really cool.

Christina Death is me...I am beyond words and honoured...history has been made again!!!

3/18/06 09:04 am - pkbarbiedoll - Oh the irony

America was founded by terrorist insurgents.
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